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Helion Criterion 2WD buggy

Perhaps the world's fastest buggy!* The Criterion 2WD Buggy offers performance, durability and value in an incredibly user-friendly package constructed from lightweight yet strong material, the fully independent suspension and oil filled shocks soak up even the worst terrain.
(*1/10th scale, brushed electric, RTR) See the product page for more information or use our shop locator to find your local JP stockist and get yours!

Ares Chronos FP110

When you're ready to advance from coaxial helis or quadcopters to single-rotor heli flying, there's no better choice than the Ares (air-eez) Chronos FP 110. With its advanced fixed-pitch and self-stabilizing rotor head design, it offers the agility of a single-rotor heli along with the stability of a coaxial platform, making it easier to learn the basics of more advanced flight with confidence.
See the product page for more information or use our shop locator to find your local JP stockist and get yours!

Atomic Flash High Speed Boat

Realise your need for speed with this little nautical whippet! High speed fun at n20Kmh (depending on battery and weather conditions). Comes with 2.4GHz radio installed and AC charger included! Smart safety feature means it only works when placed in water and don't worry if you capsise, no need to swim to the rescue, as it can be flipped remotely with the transmitter!
See the product page for more information or use our shop locator to find your local JP stockist and get yours!

Invictus 1/10 4WD Electric RTR Truck

Upping the ante on excitement, speed, and performance, the Helion Invictus 10MT is the next generation of 4x4 1/10th scale Monster Trucks.
See the product page for more information or use our shop locator to find your local JP stockist and get yours!

Ares Tiger Moth 75

The RTF (ready to fly) Nano-scale Tiger Moth 75 is a truly great and affordable introduction into the amazing world of micro scale radio controlled flight. Weighing in at an astonishing 14 grams - that's a half ounce to most of us - this fantastic model has been developed to fly in confined spaces indoors and outdoors in calm conditions.
The fully proportional 3 channel 2.4GHz radio included (with Tx version) offers fully proportional throttle, elevator and rudder. A quick-change Lipo battery is magnetically-attached and offers two cg positions depending on your flying style and flying environment.
Scale details include magnetically-attached undercarriage, magnetic scale motor hatch cover and magnetically detachable interplane struts - in case of heavy arrivals! The manoeuvrability allows for loops with ease and duration of 10 minutes-plus between charges. Even a USB charge lead is included too.
The Tiger Moth 75 is available with transmitter in Mode 1, Mode 2. Also available without transmitter.
See the product page for more information or use our shop locator to find your local JP stockist and get yours!

Ares Ethos Quad Copter

The Ares [air-eez] Ethos QX 75 may be small in size but it's big on performance and capability for both first-time and experienced quadcopter pilots. The advanced 3-axis gyro control system offers precise control and maximum stability while the nano-micro size allows for easy flying in smaller indoor spaces and fully proportional 4-channel control offers plenty of manoeuvrability for flying outdoors in light wind conditions too.
See the product page for more information.

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The ravishing Multiplex Solius

High-performance electric glider with T-tail, cockpit and clear canopy. With its gorgeous handling and excellent performance the SOLIUS offers tremendous flying pleasure to anyone from the weekend flyer to the pro-standard pilot.
Whether you're looking for long gliding flights or lively aerobatics - the SOLIUS always gives a good account of itself. See the product page for more information.

Twister Quad

Gyro-stabilised Ready-to-fly R/C Quadcopter. Perfect for beginners and huge fun for crazy expert pilots with 4 flight modes from beginner through to advanced stunt mode with front and rear night flight LEDs.
Designed for use indoors and out, with around 10 minutes flying time, this really is the ultimate gyro-stabilised flying machine. The night flight LEDS are controlled via a switch on the professional 2.4GHz 5-channel transmitter with LCD display that shows trim position and flight mode.
2 different distinctive full-colour canopies are included which have been designed to aid orientation and look great too.
FLIP IT AND ROLL IT. In the advanced stunt mode the Twister Quad can be flipped and rolled forwards, backwards, left and right. Great fun indoors and out. See the product page for more information or use our shop locator to find your local JP stockist and get yours.

Twister 400 Sport

The Twister 400 Sport single rotor Helicopter is a great affordable introduction into 400 size helis and also a good transition from your micro 3-4 channel Helicopter offering a great flying experience with its switchable flight modes, you can go from gentle hovering mode to sport mode by a press of a button. The Sport mode also gives you a smooth and powerful control needed to fly indoors or outdoors making good use of the specially developed high energy rotor blades. (only recommended for light winds) A full 4 channel control allows the Twister 400 Sport to be one of the most manoeuvrable in its class allowing you to hone and improve your flying skills. The Twister 400 Sport come with a 2.4GHz radio guaranteeing a secure connection to your model at all times. See the product page for more information.

The next generation of 1/18th scale performance cars

The Animus is available in 2 versions, short course and truggy.

The Helion Animus is the next generation of 1/18th scale performance with an unprecedented set of features and value. This project came to life as a cooperative effort between some of the greatest minds in the RC industry and you, our customers. The premise behind the project set to offer you something different, something revolutionary... value AND performance. Helion R/C design engineers optimised the Animus platform for the latest generation of bashers and enthusiasts. The use of gear differentials and a robust shaft based, ball bearing supported, gear drivetrain reduces maintenance requirements, improves efficiency and performance without compromising value. With the advent and inclusion of crystal-less 2.4 GHz radio technology in the Animus, R/C bashers and enthusiasts can now enjoy using their cars alongside one another instead of worrying about changing or having to buy extra crystals.

See the SC product page or the TR product page for more information.

Nano Stik RTF 2.4GHz.

The Nano Stik is full of light weight state-of-the-art Nano electronic technology enabling the Stik to be light and nimble. Everything you need to fly your Nano Stik including the transmitter batteries are included so after a fast charge your ready to fly. There are two charging options, through the transmitters charging lead or through the supplied USB charge lead then clip your battery in position using the clever little magnetic locator system.
See the product page for more information.

Aerofly FS - Full Size Simulator.
A simulator for everybody.

Aerofly FS Intro

Watch the the trailer above and we are positive you won't fail to be amazed by the stunning detail included in this Full Size simulator.

Experience flight simulation in perfection. Available in PC or MAC version. In this super realistic, high resolution, extremely detailed sim you can fly powered models, gliders and jets through the entire 41,285 (15,940 sq.miles) of Switzerland. Jump into the cockpit and enjoy roaming the skies above wonderful Switzerland with its gorgeous mountains and deep valleys and master thrilling flight challenges.
See the PC version or MAC version product pages for more information.

Twister Police Helicam SEE DETAILS HERE beats 95 other gadgets to take 5th place in Worlds Best Gadgets contest.

See the FULL LIST HERE of the Top Ten as featured in the Sunday Times Tech List supplement on Sunday.

Mini Twister Sport 2.4GHz In/Outdoor Heli - with Professional Mini 4 LCD Display.

The ideal introduction to R/C helis with Full control AND Beginner and Expert mode switch - with more than enough to satisfy experts.
A superbly crafted, indoor/outdoor precision-engineered micro helicopter with a PROPER 4 channel TRANSMITTER.
AND on 2.4GHz with a professional LCD display too.

No play-station-style transmitters that have escaped from the kids bedroom here - the Mini 4 Tx features LCD display with digital trims, sculpted supportive side grips, stick operated flight mode switch, 7-8 minute flight times, impeccable state-of the-art electronic gyro for stunning tail stability...
the Tx even features flashing LCD display and warning flashing LED when transmitter batteries are low.

Complete with USB charge lead, spare parts pack and Lipo battery. Just add 4AA pencells. Of course, spare parts are available too.
See the product page for more information.

Mini Twister Scale 4ch 2.4GHz - with PROFESSIONAL LCD display transmitter.

The Ultimate 4 channel micro indoor co-axial with Full control AND Beginner and Expert mode switch.
At last, a precision-engineered indoor micro co-axial helicopter with a PROPER TRANSMITTER. AND on 2.4GHz with a professional LCD display too.

No play-station-style transmitters here - from it's ergonomic R/C style transmitter through to it's neat belly-mounted battery hatch, this screams ULTIMATE INDOOR FLIGHT and means THE business.

For value, for quality, for performance and for sheer FUN for all the family - it's got to be a Mini Twister Scale. Complete with USB charge lead, spare blades and Lipo battery. Just add 4AA pencells. Of course, spare parts are available too.
See the product page for more information.

Micro Twister Pro 2.4G - The Ultimate Micro Heli now on 2.4GHz for Maximum Fun.

Micro Twister Pro 2.4G - the worlds' most professional micro heli - now on 2.4GHz with Advanced/Beginner flight mode switch for the perfect introduction to R/C helicopters.
Fly with up to 10 of your friends ALL AT THE SAME TIME. Fly at a distance 4-5 times greater than the normal infra red micro helis.
No more control fade out when you fly behind the fruit bowl - the difference on 2.4GHz is very apparent.

It's a Twister; so of course, spare parts are available too.
See the product page for more information.

Micro Twister Ninja
Probably the World's most durable carbon fibre indoor helicopter.

It's true - the Micro Twister Ninja (JP pt. no. 6600011) has CARBON FIBRE boom, flybar AND mainshaft - break those if you can.
It's incredibly light.
Around HALF the WEIGHT of the amazing Micro Twister Pro for AMAZING 10 MINUTE-PLUS flight times and Ninja-performance.

Virtually unbustable.
The secret to the Ninja's rugged unbustability and astonishing lightness lies in it's masterly use of modern materials technology and advanced technical design. You would probably not believe some of the ludicrous scrapes our Ninja's have survived - only to carry on to fly another day.
The unique scew-free mechanics system reduces the chances of impact damage and removes the need for fiddly screws, nuts and bolts. The incredible strength blades and the body are screwed in place and although we've really, really tried desperately hard to break them, we've failed miserably at this.

And thanks to the Ninja's incredible light weight and superb built-in lithium polymer rechargeable battery, flight times of greater than 10 minutes are AT LAST a reality in a helicopter this size. See the product page for more information.
The Ninja - 10 minute plus flight times.

The world's first co-axial with working winch & tail rotor.

The ultimate scale RTF 2.4GHz helicopter complete with NEW Planet T7 7channel transmitter.

A major breakthrough in RTF ULTRA-REALISTIC indoor scale flight with working tail rotor, high power working winch, Planet T7 2.4GHz, lipo, power supply and more.

Like all 2.4GHz Twister helicopters, you get great quality, incredibly flyability and features that people thought were impossible to include in a practical scale beginners helicopter.

Full house 4 channel helicopter flight controls PLUS a 3-position fully functional transmitter winch switch to raise, lower or stop your cargo lift IN FLIGHT.

Of course, spare blades are included along with the comprehensive suite of quality Twister features and spare parts availability. It's the finest, most extraordinary scale micro helicopter available to date.

Truly, the ultimate scale indoor micro helicopter. JP Part No 6600150.

See the product page for more information.

JP Model Catalogue 7th Edition OUT NOW. part no 5592500

Link to JP Catalogue Info

It's back. It's our best ever AND biggest ever JP Model Catalogue, 304 pages of colour-crammed chapters for every item from Aircraft to Z-bend pliers. Information on each product to help you choose the right one. Printed on paper sourced from sustainable forests using vegetable ink and 100% recycleable.

The amazing eRC Micro Stik.

A 2.4GHz RTF carbon fun machine for beginner or expert.

4499315 eRC MICRO STIK RTF 2.4GHZ (MODE 2) It's highly addictive, gets you high for up to around 10 mins per charge and it comes Ready to Fly with EVERYTHING included - -even 2 lipo's - on 2.4GHz.
Featuring lighweight carbon fibre and moulded construction, it's hugely fun to fly, great for training and cruising yet hugely powerful and amazingly tough as you can see in the video.
It lands anywhere and takes anything you can throw at it.

Look at the downloadable manual in pdf format here for the full detail.

eRC Micro Stik - the wacky RTF carbon fun machine