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2210250 Eclipse 7 Pro 2.4GHz AFHSS ( x 2 Optima Rx ) M2
SRP 199.99
  • 7 Channel 2.4GHz AFHSS 3-in-1 glider/plane/heli computer radio

  • Astonishingly bright razor sharp backlit LCD display

  • Quad-ballraced stick units with full adjustment and easy mode change

  • With 2 telemetric receivers: Optima 7 and Optima 6 (BODA) AFHSS

  • Incredible telemetry sensor display + built-in Rx battery telemetry

  • 16 model memory with 7 character naming

  • Range check, SmartScan, FREE system software upgrades (HPP-22 needed)

  • 2 rear control sliders & masses of pilot-configurable switches/trimmer

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2226595Minima 6E E/Port 6ch 2.4GHz AFHSS (26612)31.50Item is in stock
2226600Minima 6T T/Port 6ch 2.4GHz AFHSS (26610)31.50Item is in stock
2226610Optima 6 AFHSS Rx With Batt. Telemetry42.00Item is in stock
2226620Optima 6LE AFHSS Rx With Batt. Telemetry42.00Item is in stock
2226630Optima 6 Rx Triple Pack AFHSS Batt. Telemetry105.00Item is in stock
2226640Optima 7 2.4GHz AFHSS Telemetric 7ch Full Range45.20Item is in stock
2226650Optima 7 Triple Pack 2.4GHz AFHSS Telemetric117.80Item is in stock
2226660Optima 9 2.4GHz AFHSS Telemetric 9ch Full Range63.00Item is in stock
2226670Optima 9 Triple Pack 2.4GHz AFHSS Telemetric157.50Item is in stock
2228005HTS-Temp Temperature Sensor (55834) (2pcs)11.60Sorry, possibly out of stock
Due: 08 Dec
2228010HTS-C50 Current Sensor Telemetry 50A (55850)20.00Sorry, possibly out of stock
Due: 15 Mar
2228015HTS-C200 Current Sensor Telemetry 200A (5585524.20Item is in stock
2228020HTS-Fuel Fuel Level Sensor (55835)15.80Item is in stock
2228030HTS-GPS GPS Sensor (55836)63.00Item is in stock
2228040HTS-MRPM Magnetic RPM Sensor (55842)14.70Item is in stock
2228050HTS-Volt Voltage Sensor (55851) (1pcs)9.50Item is in stock
2228060HTS-ORPM Optical RPM Sensor (55833)12.60Item is in stock
2228070HTS-SS Sensor Station (55832)22.10Item is in stock
2228075HTS-SS Blue Sensor Station Telemetry (55849)22.10Item is in stock
2228300HTS-SS Basic Telemetry Acro Pack (55845)35.70Item is in stock
2228310HTS-SS Basic Telemetry Heli Pack (55831)35.70Item is in stock
2228320HTS-SS Full Telemetry Combo Pack (55830)105.00Item is in stock
2228325HTS-SS Blue Full Telemetry Combo Pack (55846)131.30Item is in stock
2228330HTS-SS Blue C50 Telemetry Combo Pack (55847)49.40Item is in stock
2228335HTS-SS Blue C200 Telemetry Combo Pack (55848)52.50Item is in stock
2228500HTS-Navi 2.4GHz Wireless Telemetry 2970145.20Item is in stock
2228510HTS-Voice Telemetry Announce System 5584142.00Item is in stock



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