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3353050 1/8 IC 4WD RTR Ten 4 Tracker Truggy (2.4GHz)
SRP 269.99
  • Tracker 1/8 I.C Truggy

  • Engine - 25.CXP Pull Start Motors (included)

  • Brakes - Quad Disk Brake System

  • Shocks - 4 x H/D Oil Filled Long Travel

  • Exhaust - Aluminium Power pipe

  • Radio - 2.4g Steering/W Transmitter (EPA, D/R, SUB, TRIM ADJUSTMENT)

  • Steering - High Power Direct Servo And Servo Saver System

  • Tyres and Wheels - High Grip Soft Rubber Tyres on Light Weight Wheels

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4476315SH 25R Car ABC incl. Pull-start (SG-Shaft)91.99Item is in stock
9940259H002 Lock Nut M3 (6)1.75Item is in stock
9940280H020 Body Clip A/B - L=25mm (12)2.45Item is in stock
9940283H021 Body Clip A/B - L=18mm (12)1.99Item is in stock
9940301H153 E-Clip (2mm) (8)1.49Item is in stock
9940307P010 Zip Tie (Big) (8)1.49Item is in stock
9940310P011 Zip Tie (Small) (8)1.49Item is in stock
9940316P019 Receiver Antenna Pipe (2)3.45Item is in stock
9940349S015 Grub Screw Pin 3 x 3-2 x 7 (12)1.49Item is in stock
9940352S016 Grub Screw 3 x 3 (12)1.99Item is in stock
9940355S018 Round Head Self Tapping Screw 2.6 x 8 (12)1.49Sorry, possibly out of stock
Due: 20 Jun
9940376S064 Grub Screw 4 x 10 (12)1.49Item is in stock
9940394T001 Large Cross Wrench 8/9/10/12mm8.35Item is in stock
9940397T002 Small Cross Wrench 2/2.5/3/4mm2.45Item is in stock
9940400P100 Body Post Pad (12)1.49Item is in stock
9940763H016 Steering Linkage Ball Stud (8)4.89Item is in stock
9940769H036 Ball Bearing 8 x 16 x 5 (6)7.35Item is in stock
9940859S007 Round Head Screw 2 x 8 (12)1.49Item is in stock
99411323328-B001 Truggy Body (Ten 4) (Blue)20.49Item is in stock
99411343328-B002 Truggy Body (Ten 4) (Red)20.49Item is in stock
99411363328-B003 Truggy Body (Ten 4) (Green)20.49Item is in stock
99411383328-H001 Chassis (Aluminum) (1)45.99Item is in stock
99411403328-H002 Front Shock Tower (Aluminum)9.19Item is in stock
99411423328-H003 Rear Shock Tower (Aluminum) (1)10.19Item is in stock
99411443328-H004 Front Top Steering Plate (Aluminum)4.09Item is in stock
99411463328-H005 Steering Ackerman Plate (Aluminum)4.09Item is in stock
99411483328-H006 Centre Differential Top Plate (Aluminum)4.59Item is in stock
99411503328-H007 Servo Plate (Aluminum)3.05Item is in stock
99411523328-H008 Front Lower Suspension Mounts (2)3.05Item is in stock
99411543328-H009 Front Brace + Rear Brace Set (Metal)3.05Item is in stock
99411563328-H010 Centre Differential Post (2)2.05Item is in stock
99411583328-H011 Exhaust Retainer + Bar (1)2.05Item is in stock
99411603328-H012 Front + Rear CVD Shaft (2) 125mm17.99Item is in stock
99411623328-H013 Centre Front + Rear CVD Shaft (2)17.99Item is in stock
99411643328-H014 Front Upper Arm Inside Hinge Pin (2)2.05Item is in stock
99411663328-H015 Front Lower Arm Outside Hinge Pin (2)1.49Item is in stock
99411683328-H016 Rear Lower Arm Outside Hinge Pin (2)1.49Item is in stock
99411703328-H017 Front + Rear Lower Arm Inside Hinge Pin 2.05Item is in stock
99411723328-H018 Bulkhead Hexagonal Screw Bolt (4)2.55Item is in stock
99411743328-H019 Steering Bushing Post (Left/Right) (2)7.65Item is in stock
99411763328-H020 Steering Servo Saver Post Set (1)4.59Item is in stock
99411783328-H021 Brake Post5.09Item is in stock
99411803328-H022 Front + Rear Differential Outdrive6.15Item is in stock
99411823328-H023 Centre Differential Outdrive9.19Item is in stock
99411843328-H024 Brake Pads + Disc Brake6.15Item is in stock
99411863328-H025 Centre Main Gear (62T) (Steel)22.99Item is in stock
99411883328-H026 Front + Rear Differential M/Gear (43T) +25.49Item is in stock
99411903328-H027 Steering Hub Bolt + Top Hat (4)2.55Item is in stock
99411923328-H028 Steering Bush (Top Hat) (2)1.49Item is in stock
99411943328-P001 Front Lower Arm (Left/Right) (2)14.99Item is in stock
99411963328-P002 Rear Lower Arm (Left/Right) (2)14.99Item is in stock
99411983328-P003 Front + Rear Bumper Set (1)11.19Item is in stock
99412003328-P004 Front + Rear Bulkhead (1 Set)8.65Item is in stock
99412023328-P005 Centre Differential Mount (2)4.59Item is in stock
99412043328-P006 Steering Saver Assembly4.59Item is in stock
99412063328-P007 Steering Hub (Left/Right) (2)8.15Item is in stock
99412083328-P008 Front Upright (Left/Right) (C-Hub) (2)8.15Item is in stock
99412103328-P009 Rear Upright Hub (Left/Right) (2)7.65Item is in stock
99412123328-P010 Body Post + Pads + Mount (Front + Rear)3.59Item is in stock
99412143328-P011 F. Lower Sus. Mount (Inside)Rear Low4.09Item is in stock
99412163328-P012 Front Upper Sus. Holder (Inside) (1)3.05Item is in stock
99412183328-P013 Rear Brace Mount + Wing Mount (1)5.09Item is in stock
99412203328-P014 Radio/Servo Tray Bottom Mount6.15Item is in stock
99412223328-P015 Servo Transponder Mount3.29Item is in stock
99412243328-P016 Wing Stay + Wing Mount + Post5.09Item is in stock
99412263328-P017 Wing (Ten 4/Surge) (Green/Black) (1)10.19Sorry, possibly out of stock
99412283328-P018 Fuel Tank15.25Item is in stock
99412303328-P019 Fuel Tank Post3.05Item is in stock
99412323328-P020 Disc Brake Retainer (2)2.55Item is in stock
99412343328-P021 Steering Servo Arm + Throttle2.55Item is in stock
99412363328-P022 Battery/Receiver Box(1)9.19Item is in stock
99412383328-P023 Off Road Pin Tyre ( + Sponge inserted)18.25Item is in stock
99412403328-P024 Off Road Dash Wheel Rim7.39Item is in stock
99412423328-P025 Off Road Wheel Complete (2)17.49Item is in stock
99412443328-T001 Full Aluminum Front Shock Set (2)25.49Item is in stock
99412463328-T002 Full Aluminum Rear Shock Set22.99Item is in stock
99412483328-T003 Front Upper Arm Assembly (2)10.19Item is in stock
99412503328-T004 Rear Upper Link Assembly (2)5.09Item is in stock
99412523328-T005 Front Steering Linkage Set6.15Item is in stock
99412543328-T006 Servo Linkage Set (1)1.49Item is in stock
99412563328-T007 Front + Rear Differential Complete45.99Item is in stock
99412583328-T008 Bevel Gears (Large + Small) Set6.65Item is in stock
99412603328-T009 Differential Case + Differential Axles +7.65Item is in stock
99412623328-T010 Brake/Throttle Assembly7.15Item is in stock
9941552E002T 10kg Servo (Ls6010)30.75Item is in stock
9941554E004 AA Size Battery Holder (4.8V)4.59Item is in stock
9941556E005 Power Switch-A2.55Sorry, possibly out of stock
Due: 08 Sep
9941564E150 Haibo x ing Tx Aerial2.29Sorry, possibly out of stock
Due: 19 Dec
9941570H003A Lock Nut M4 (6)1.49Sorry, possibly out of stock
9941578H008 Ball Bearing 5 x 10 x 4 (6)7.65Item is in stock
9941584H026 Rear Upper Link Ball A 5.8 x 5 (8)4.09Item is in stock
9941586H028 Ball Bearing 6 x 10 x 3 (6)5.09Item is in stock
9941588H033 Shock Upper Mount Ball Stud 5.8 (8)4.59Item is in stock
9941590H034 Front Steering Linkage Ball 6.8 (8)4.59Item is in stock
9941592H035 Rear Upper Link Ball Stud 6.8mm (8)4.59Item is in stock
9941594H037 Ball Bearing With Flange 5 x 8 x 2.5T (8)10.19Item is in stock
9941596H038 Ball Bearing With Flange 4 x 8 x 3T (8)10.19Sorry, possibly out of stock
Due: 30 Mar
9941598H039 Wheel Hexagonal Pin 2.5 x 16.8 (8)3.59Item is in stock
9941616H069A L/W Aluminum Flywheel + Flywheel Nut Set9.45Item is in stock
9941618H070 Clutch Shoes + Springs (3 Shoe) Ali10.19Item is in stock
9941620H071 Manifold + Shim + Rubber Bush + Spring15.25Item is in stock
9941624H073 Exhaust Pipe (Aluminum)29.99Item is in stock
9941628H075 Wheel Mount + Lock Nut (Aluminium) (4)5.09Item is in stock
9941634H077 Engine Mount (Aluminum) (2)4.59Item is in stock
9941640H154 E-Clip (3mm) (8)1.49Sorry, possibly out of stock
Due: 20 Jun
9941642Hop002 Optional Clutch Bell (13T)14.29Item is in stock
9941648P005 Fuel Pipe4.59Item is in stock
9941650P006 Fuel Pipe Retainer Clips (12)10.19Item is in stock
9941658P017 Exhaust Joint (Silicone) + Zip Ties (1)6.89Item is in stock
9941784S008 Cap Head Hexagonal Screw 3 x 12mm (12)1.49Item is in stock
9941794S040 Round Head Hexagonal Screw 3 x 8mm (12)1.49Item is in stock
9941796S041 Round Head Hexagonal Screw 3 x 10 (12)1.49Item is in stock
9941798S042 Round Head Hexagonal Screw 3 x 12mm (12)1.49Item is in stock
9941800S043 Round Head Hexagonal Screw 3 x 161.49Item is in stock
9941802S044 Round Head Hexagonal Screw 3 x 231.49Item is in stock
9941804S045 Round Head Hexagonal Screw 3 x 25 (12)1.49Item is in stock
9941806S047 Round Head Hexagonal Screw 4 x 10 (12)1.49Item is in stock
9941810S049 Countersunk Hexagonal Screw 3 x 10mm (12)1.49Item is in stock
9941814S051 Round Head Self Tapping Screw 2.3 x 6 (12)1.49Item is in stock
9941816S052 Round Head Self Tapping Screw 2.3 x 6 (12)1.49Item is in stock
9941820S054 Countersunk Hexagonal Screw4 x 10 (12)1.49Item is in stock
9941828S073 Round Head Hexagonal Screw 4 x 16 (8)1.49Item is in stock
9941830S074 Round Head Hexagonal Screw 4 x 35 (8)1.49Item is in stock
9941832S075 Countersunk Screw 3 x 23 (12)1.49Item is in stock
9941834S076 Countersunk Screw 5 x 10 (4)1.49Item is in stock
9943020E001 3.2kg Servo (S3832) (1)11.25Sorry, possibly out of stock
Due: 19 Dec
9943035E003 Receiver (Fm 40MHz)18.75Sorry, possibly out of stock
Due: 20 Jun
9943050E710 Receiver (2.4GHz) HBX18.75Item is in stock
9943330E120 40MHz Fm Crystals (Tx/Receiver)4.15Item is in stock
9943430E121 27MHz Fm Crystals (Tx/Receiver)4.15Item is in stock



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