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5500066 Nemesis (120-180)
SRP 263.99
  • Wingspan - 80.5ins (204.5cm)

  • Wing area -1069.5sq.ins (

  • Suits - 120-180 2-Stroke (120-180 4-Stroke)

  • Factory covered with Oracover

  • Length - 64.3ns (1682cm)

  • Approx flying weight - 12.3lbs (5.6kg)

  • Radio - 6 Channel with 6 servos

  • Flying skill level - Intermediate to advanced

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55240102m Oracover White (10)15.25Item is in stock
55240112m Oracover Light Grey (11)15.25Item is in stock
55240272m Oracover Pearl Red (27)24.25Item is in stock
55240712m Oracover Black (71)15.25Item is in stock
552411010m Oracover White (10)7.59Item is in stock
552412710m Oracover Pearl Red (27)12.09Item is in stock
552417110m Oracover Black (71)7.55Item is in stock
SGNS304Nemesis Wing Tube5.99Item is in stock
SGNS305Nemesis Wing Set109.99Item is in stock
SGNS306Nemesis Fuselage109.99Item is in stock
SGNS307Nemesis Tail Set54.99Item is in stock
SGNS309Nemesis Canopy5.99Sorry, possibly out of stock
SGNS310Nemesis Cowl29.99Item is in stock
SGNS312Nemesis Wheel Spats12.99Item is in stock
SGNS314Nemesis Landing Gear12.99Item is in stock
SGNS316Nemesis Decal Set4.99Item is in stock