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5500090 Yak 55m (160)
SRP 224.99
  • Wingspan - 68.9.ins (1.75cm)

  • Wing area - 1026.1.sq.ins (66.2dm)

  • Suits - 120-160 2-Stroke (180- 4-stroke) 33cc Petrol

  • Factory covered with Oracover

  • Length - 64.8.ins (

  • Approx flying weight - 11.5-14.3.lbs (5.2-6.5Kg)

  • Radio - 6 Channel with 6 servos (Digital)

  • Flying skill level - Advanced/Intermediate

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The YAK-55M from Seagull is an aerobatic plane resembling the full-scale YAK-55M. The lightweight airframe allows for exciting aerobatics and pattern manoeuvres. Preassmebled at the precision Seagull factory, the components are also factory covered in the world famous ORACOVER covering.

Presented in a perfectly packed and arranged box, the Seagull Yak 55M includes a detailed assembly book, all the nuts, bolts and screws you will require to assemble and incredible decal set to finish it off with. The fine craft of kit building will be an enjoyable one with this precision kit from Seagull.

Full size version

Appearing in the 1980's it was unlike any other preceding Yak. The Yak-55M was developed to meet a demand for an even more rapid rate of roll and to counter competition from the rival Sukhoi design studio. The aircraft features a more tapered wing of reduced span and area. Additional fairings were added to smooth out the tabs and balances. The canopy was given a fixed rear section, and the spinner was omitted.




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