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A range of sprays formulated to match Oracover covering material colours, ideal for general surface finishing on most aircraft and boats.!
Years of painstaking R&D in conjunction with the manufacturers of Oracover have led to an R/C modelling paint that applies to virtually any surface including wrinkled, yes, wrinkled Oracover!
It is a polyurethane based, high gloss finishing paint that is fuel proof and gives an extremely hard finish. The colours are solid, requiring only a few thin coats to achieve brilliant coverage. When dry the paint is very tough & hard wearing. It will even resist knocks and bumps!
How fuel-resistant is it?
The magic new formulation can resist pure nitro if the paint is applied hot! Amazing, but true! For normal applications, ensure your can has been warmed thoroughly before spraying and resistance to even 15% nitro fuels is virtually guaranteed! When sprayed at room temperature, the finish is fuel-proof up to 8% nitro and fuel-resistant up to 15% nitro!
How well does it match Oracover?
For the finishing touches to your latest creation; you can count on the superb colour matching features of RC colours blending perfectly with your Oracover covering.
Do RC Colours match Easycoat and Oratrim covering materials?
Can I replace my fuel resistant and 2-part paints with RC Colours?
Use this incredible paint for all your R/C projects where the finest fuel-resistant finish really counts. The special fine dispersion nozzle ensures easy application and you'll get tremendous results regardless of whether you're spraying onto wood, fibreglass or metal finishes. And yes, during development we sprayed it onto wrinkled Oracover, removed the wrinkles and RC Colours still remained firmly bonded to the film!


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