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IPACS Simulators

easyFly4 features a wide variety of models to choose from: aerobatic models, gliders, scale models, trainer models, helicopters all the way to jets and extreme 3D expert models in the fixed wing and helicopter categories.
There are 2 versions available, EasyFly4 SE (Starter Edition) is a lighter version of the EasyFly4. Easyfly4 has 16 airfields and 107 highly detailed models.

Aerofly Profesional
Due to the lavishly implemented flight physic the Aerofly Professional Deluxe Platinum edition offers a high degree of realism. If you are looking for a realistic model aircraft simulation, this simulator is the perfect solution. Torque rolls, snap rolls, flat spins and any imaginable manoeuvre is possible. Many world-class pilots use the Aerofly as a practicing tool. Several of the Aerofly models have been set up by expert pilots such as the TOC Freestyle Champion Roland Matt.

Welcome to the world of aerofly 5 and the comprehensive array of models and sceneries that will just blow your mind. Features include Full HD technology, Multi-Pano Technology, Virtual 4D Elements and True Sound Tecnology.
Free downloads are available to help keep you up to date with the latest version and enhancements. With the aerofly5.7 Update an even larger model selection is offered now. In total well over 150 aerobats, gliders, scale models, helicopters, jets and even seaplanes. That number increases even more due to the user designed models, which can be downloaded for FREE from the forum.

Aerofly FS - Full size simulator
A simulator for everybody!
With interactive flight challenges! For PC and Mac! Super realistic, High resolution scenery, Extremely detailed models, powered models, gliders & jets!
Experience flight simulation in perfection! You will be impressed with the flight physic and graphics. Powered airplanes, jets and gliders are excessively detailed and offer stunning realism. Jump into the cockpit and enjoy roaming the skies above wonderful Switzerland with its gorgeous mountains and deep valleys and master thrilling flight challenges.

IPACS Simulator Comparison table

7732325 Aerofly FS (Mac)
A remarkable new sim for everybody with interactive flight challenges! --more info--
SRP 14.99 EACH Stock info:Item is in stockNew Product More pics More info
Aerofly FS (Mac)
7732415 USB Interface-Second Player Lead (3036010)

SRP 28.99 EACH Stock info:Item is in stockNew Product
USB Interface-Second Player Lead (3036010)
7732420 Adaptor For Graupner m x/FutabaFf9/Spek.D x
This lead is suitable for the following radios; --more info--
SRP 12.99 EACH Stock info:Item is in stockNew Product
Adaptor For Graupner m x/FutabaFf9/Spek.D x
7732422 Adaptor For Futaba Sanwa Multiplex
This lead is suitable for the following radios; --more info--
SRP 14.16 EACH Stock info:Item is in stockNew Product
Adaptor For Futaba Sanwa Multiplex



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